Monday, November 22, 2010

Almost 3 Months: A Reflection

September 3rd

November 22nd

September 3rd

November 22nd

I am happy to report that, after 3 months of eating primal, I have consistently lost 5lbs of body fat a month. Too slow for some, but the weight loss hasn't stopped like it did when I was counting every calorie and I feel quite like Tony the Tiger describes things-"Greeeaaat!"

Gone are the days to which I was clawing huge scratch-marks on my desk at work in anticipation for my lunch of a frozen Lean Cuisine, only to be left unsatisfied and still hungry.

Gone are the days of feeling shaky and uncontrolled when passing by the dessert table at some sort of function. My sweet tooth is almost completely quelled.

Gone are the days of going to my Mom's and having to have the bread or rolls, the gluten bombs...again, I just don't care.

It feels nice to not be addicted to that stuff anymore.

Did I mention how many headaches I have had since going off the grains, potatoes, corn and limiting my dairy? I have had none. NONE! ZERO! That is pretty good seeing how it was more likely for me to have a headache than to not have one.

What I like best about adapting this lifestyle is simply because it is for the chronically me! I watch The Biggest Loser religiously every week, but I always walk away thinking, "man, I would hate to be them." I feel like this because in the transformation story, it is not uncommon for these people to be saying, "Yeah, I wake up at 4am, go to the gym for 2 1/2 hours, then go to work, and then come home and work out for another hour." Seriously? Can any human keep that up forever? If that is what it took to feel great and look good nikkid, then I don't think I would ever put forth the effort. Too bad that is what everyone thinks is what it will take. :(

Anyway, back to the lazy part. This lifestyle is perfect for those who hate to count calories and measure stuff. Yes, I had to measure at first, but not anymore. I work out 4 times a week and usually the workouts last about 20 minutes. Maybe. On Friday I did a workout that took me a total of 8 minutes. It was 8 minutes of crazy, but 8 minutes. They are called Tabata workouts, check it out. Crossfit is a great site to get some fantabulous workouts as well.

Gone are the days of walking on a treadmill or doing the elliptical for 45 minutes a day to lose fat. That theory is bunk.....and really time consuming.

Oh right, laziness. So, I just eat my meats, fats and vegetables when am hungry. I do quick, intense workouts a few days a week.

Take that Bob from Biggest Loser! I wont be going to Subway anytime soon or working out for 3 hours! Consider yourself stuck it to!

Let me end my reflection by telling a sad, terrifying story about a fat lady at McDonalds. Yesterday I dropped by McDonalds to get Alayna her free Happy Meal (Chicken Nuggets, Apples, and waaaaater?!) and we went inside so she could play in the urine soaked play place for a bit. I had to order something over a dollar in order to get the free Happy Meal. I ordered a double cheese burger.

I sit down near a very large, very rolly lady in a tank top with her equally lardy kids. I actually didn't notice her at all until she interrupted my McDonald's reverie. I had taken off the buns from the burger and thrown them away. From the nearby table I hear in a scoffing tone, "Into some new fad diet? Only eating meat?"

I look over at her with her super sized fries, large diet soda and Big Mac. I looked down at my sorry meat patties with cheese and 2 pickles. "No, actually," I began, "I don't eat any grains, pasta, potatoes, anything with gluten, try and stay away from sugar...stuff like that."

"WHY?!" She snorted.

Sighing I said, "Well, because it is through my experience that it is not fat that makes you fat, it is that other stuff that does. Gluten reacts quite similarly as sugar. It is also very addicting. Also, I don't ever want to look like you." Just kidding. I didn't say that last part....but she was being SO crazy about it that I wanted to.

"UGH! That is so not true," she again scoffs. "You're just wasting your taste buds and time being on a fad diet."

"Well. I have never felt so good and it is obviously not a fad diet because everyone reacts this way when I take my buns off of my hamburger. Also, I have lost 15lbs of body fat where nothing else has ever worked. If it is a fad, then I am on board."

She concludes our conversation by rolling her eyes.

I didn't know eating a hamburger without a bun could cause such strong emotions in the people around you.


  1. Way to go! When people act like that towards your eating habits it's just because they'd rather be in denial and eat their guilt than admit they are doing that to themselves. I'm sure you already know that though.
    I've got the lazy part down pat. I don't exercise at all. I may be thin but I still don't look good "nikkid." ;-)

  2. You know you can order McDonalds burgers without buns. They come in a little plastic box, with a fork. Don't eat the fries though, they have gluten in them.

  3. HAA HAA!! oohhh this made my day

  4. I've already told you this, but I'll say it again: you so totally rock!! 15 pounds in 3 months is amazing!!! I am definitely too addicted to carbs right now to give them up, but good for you!!