Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh Megan

In middle school youth group Megan screamed. Megan ran around the Family Activity Center and screamed as high pitched as a charging velociraptor. I never understood why. I figured that she must be either crazy, really excited, or was being chased by something unseen. This was my first actual memory of my dear friend Megan.

Fast forward about 3 or so years and Megan and I became friends. Alas, she had put her screaming days behind her and clothed herself in a more mature outfit. I think it was after an old boyfriend of mine dumped me, she and I formed a very important club: TAGWOBALI. (Two Awesome Girls With-Out Boys and Loving It). Save your "that's retarded" remarks for later....there is more to come. Megan was (and still is, of course) a rock of level-headed thinking. While, in high school, I was all about having a boyfriend or trying to think of ways to viciously MAKE a guy like me...Megan always stood firm. "You don't need a guy Lindsey," she'd say. "Boys are stupid." And as it turned out, I really didn't need a guy and, yes, all high school boys are treading water in different levels of "stupid". I was all about TAGWOBALI....until I re-dated the dumper...who ended up dumping me again. Ugh, whatever. The 2-woman club was so much better.

As I said, Megan was (and still is not) afraid to let her true feelings show. If she thought I said, did, or was thinking something stupid, she'd call me on it. To coin the exact phrase..."Stop doing X you dufus!" When I looked at her wide-eyed and unknowing, she would explain the mishap to me with exasperation under her breath. Then she'd laugh and we'd be friends again. I knew she loved me, so there was nothing more to do with her info but to take it and work on it! I love that she was (is!) not afraid to sugar coat stuff. If she sees it, she says it...and, yep, then you know.

I think that senior year we really became close. Throughout high school we were in a Bible Study with a mentor and we had a lot of fun doing that. I learned a lot from Megan because she knew vastly more than I did. I always felt a little awkward piping up when Megan had just recited the book of John from memory. But she was a great example to me of what a solid Christian teen can look like. I looked up to Megan a lot!

Some of my favorite memories of her is when we were hanging out in a group or together and things were relatively calm. She would randomly bust out laughing or start being crazy like she had just unleashed something bouncy inside of her. I would, of course, be on the floor in tears because seeing Megan act super silly is reserved for the super special. Like me.

I used to go and watch her on the swim team and she'd tell me tales about her doing synchronized swimming...but I didn't really understand what it was. It just sounded weird. I remember going to the mall and trying on one-piece Speedo swimsuits for summer....oh my gosh, I was soooo fashionable it physically hurts. And the only boy in her life for the longest time was that kid who went to Sahuaro High who was super cute and tall...and I can't remember his name. But I remember listening to Megan feed me snippets of her crush to me, despite my endless questioning.

Megan is the queen of remembering your special days. When I moved to Hawaii and was turning 21 all by my lonesome, she sent me cards. Lots of cards! She also had her friends from the dorm send me cards...lots of cards! It was very touching! She is so good about sending birthday and anniversary cards through the mail with little hand-written notes. Who does that anymore? Megan does, and it is one of the coolest things about her.

When I first found out I was pregnant, Megan hand delivered a Pregnancy book to me. She was the first one to see Alayna after she was born. She came and visited me in Hawaii with a few of our friends. I got to be a knocked up bridesmaid at her wedding.

Megan is one of my most trusted, loyal, genuine friends. Despite stupid Wyoming stealing her...I know that if I ever needed her, she'd be right there for me. That is what is so awesome about Megan!

Next...Laura...oh! and maybe some scanned pictures from the past! It shall be nostalgic and awkward all at once. (Just like my blog!)

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  1. Love you, Linds!! I lol'd at quoting the entire book of John. Pretty sure that never happened. ;) And my original goal was to sign all 21 birthday cards myself, but I ran out of things to say so I enlisted the help of anyone on the dorm I could find. Ha. Yay for TAGWOBALI!! Yeah, I do remember you getting kicked out of the club for periods of time. :) I guess now it could be TAGWABALI - Two awesome girls with amazing boys and loving it. :) Thanks for the sweet words. xoxo