Monday, May 9, 2011

Part II: Nicole aka Nolie aka Bad

Alright. So, most of elementary school, all of jr high, and all of high school, Nicole and I were really close friends. Some times we were just friends, but sometimes we were the inseparable "bads". I do believe that whole "bad" thing started in high school when we would scold each other for something by just pointing and yelling, "bad!" This led to other people giving us weird looks, then accepting the weirdness, and going along with it by finally nicknaming us "the bads". Pretty sure that is how it all morphed into calling each other "bad". Wow. It's even weirder when you write it out.

So anyway, Nicole and I had loads of drama-filled fun in elementary school as well as high school. She was always the 'hot one' in our little pair. (I know. I am only now figuring out why she liked to hang out with look hotter. Thanks a lot!) I was always reduced to being the 'funny one'. For you Friend buffs, just picture Joey and Chandler, except I'm not as funny....or hairy. I mean, some guys like fat 12 year olds that can weave hilarious one liners into the conversation okay? She, from the time we started hanging out with each other in 3rd grade, had always been more interested in guys than me. I mean, I like guys...don't get me wrong, but she was actively solving man-equations in her head that would ultimately lead to snagging their attention. Example:
In 3rd or 4th grade she had a massive crush on this kid named Daniel. Oh blonde haired, blue-eyed sweetums. Nicole and our little posse actually had a meeting to devise a plan to get his attention. I didn't have much to contribute, but I did know that Daniel always checked out the big dodgeball at lunch time. Bingo! No one ever fought him for his right to get the ball, but Nicole did. Attention-grabbing tactic number 1: She raised her hand so fast and enthusiastically that the teacher had no other choice but to hand over the ball. It was awesome. Next, we spent the majority of our lunch break trying to get that very same, coveted dodgeball, stuck into one of the large mesquite trees on the play ground. Why, you ask? Well, once the ball was securely stuck at the tippy toppy of the tree, Nicole ran over to Daniel (who was begrudgingly playing soccer) and asked him to please help us...err...her get the ball down from the tree. Genius. Seriously, what 4th grader comes up with something that awesome? I still remember Nicole and Daniel walking back to the school together after he had successfully retrieved the ball from the tree.

Besides all that, we have a lot of "boy" memories together. We both dated different 'Aarons' at the same time. At one point she liked a guy named Bob, and I don't remember much about that except that his name seemed so weird for a 16 year old. I guess it isn't weird now that he is probably 32 or something. I don't know...I think that is the only thing I remember about that. Boys would ask me about her a lot and, thinking back, I should have just handed out little business cards so I didn't have to keep repeating myself. "Yes she is single. She likes romantic comedies. Yes, she dances. I don't know if she'd date ask her. Please leave her brunette, lonely friend alone."

We tied for 3rd place in our elementary school's science fair (boo yah!). She used to MAKE us learn dance steps behind the ramada at school and would not accept, "please let me be the audience" as an answer. It was actually pretty fun...but don't act too silly because Madam Nolie will not have the silliness! She was (and probably still is) a performer. An avid dancer in her younger days, she loved doing the hair, makeup, dancing, acting...thing. She was the first one to ever curl my hair in, like, 6th grade and did it all on her own. She did Brooke's hair too. There are pictures somewhere to prove it. I swore to myself that she'd be a makeup artist for celebrities some day. We went to the Monster Mash every year and she always had the coolest Halloween costumes. Anyway, lots more memories than just that, of course. I just remember the whole friendship as very fun...and dramatic. Ha! Loved it!

Note to self: I blame Flagstaff for all the relationships that have been compromised in my life. Beware.

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